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Mission Statement

The mission of the Bay Area Pregnancy Center is to protect the sanctity of human life and to emulate God’s love by providing Christian counseling, services, and goods to mothers, children and families in need.


Founded in 1985 by seven ministers, the Bay Area Pregnancy Center was established to assist and support women with unplanned pregnancies. As much greater needs beyond the pregnancy became apparent, our role expanded to aid the existing family in developing sustainable life skills. Today, we have four locations in Clearwater, High Point, St. Pete and Life Port that serve over 2,000 clients including mothers, fathers, children and grandparents

We have partnered with Calvary Church and currently have a 4th location, which serves as our educational facility. We have named this location ”lifeport” because it is a double-wide portable that will eventually house our sonogram program. It is located on the property of Calvary Church, Clearwater. Ellie Smith, RN and a faith- community nurse, hosts our client educational classes: You and Your Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery, Infant Care, and Parenting classes.

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Our Staff and Confidentiality

The Bay Area Pregnancy Center is staffed by full-time personnel and volunteers who are trained and supervised in a professional and skilled manner. Information shared by our clients is kept confidential, and clients are treated with upmost respect and sensitivity.


Earn & Learn

This fun and interactive program encourages client participation by offering Baby Bucks for the completion of parenting classes, lessons, and videos. Clients may use the money they have earned to purchase items from “The Nesting Place.” They may shop for bottles, diapers, formula, toys, books, and maternity clothes, clothes for children, as well as bassinettes, strollers, and cribs.

GPS - Grow, Prepare, Succeed

We have added a new program that addresses several major issues that our clients often face. These include: Preparing for new baby, organizational skills, finances, and travelling with their new baby. This is a group class that meets for one (1) hour for three consecutive weeks. Upon completion participant is treated to lunch and a surprise gift providing they have attended all three classes, have not been tardy, and actively participated.

R & R (Remember & Release)

Although we promote alternatives to abortion, this group works through the healing process without judgment to those who have experienced abortion. We are passionate about helping hurting women through this journey. Caring and loving peer counselors guide women through love, positive attitude, actions, and scripture, all with a comforting and accepting heart. (James 5:16)

You and your pregnancy

clients newly pregnant won't want to miss this class!
(up to 4th month of pregnancy)
Class taught by licensed registered nurse
Class held at Life Port (call to register and directions)

Labor and delivery

Be ready for this very special event - bring a friend (spouse,parent,or father)
Class taught by licensed registered nurse)
Class held at Life Port (call to register and directions)

Infant Care

Learn the importance of swaddling, safe diapering, feeding, and know the latest
Recommendations for car seats, cribs, and infant safety tips.
Class taught be licensed registered nurse)
Class held at Life Port (call to register and directions)

Infant Massage Therapy

Bi-Monthly; call to enroll
@ 2380 Drew St. #6
Class taught by licensed massage therapist. Participants learn how to improve their babies digestive system and enhance sleep