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Marsha Rimer - Executive Director 

Marsha Rimer serves as Executive Director of The Bay Area Pregnancy Center. The Bay Area Pregnancy Center currently has three locations and an off-site educational facility. 

Marsha and her husband Gene have served this ministry behind the scenes since 1988. As a volunteer, Marsha joined the Executive Board and served as secretary until 2008, when she was hired as Executive Director. 

A Clearwater resident since 1965, Marsha attended Clearwater High School and St. Petersburg College. She has always been active in both the medical and dental fields – usually working with children in some capacity. Marsha is the mother of two daughters, Julie and Brandie. 

New educational programs have been implemented under Marsha’s direction. She feels that multi-faced education is imperative to help clients with their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs because “loving the whole person” is essential in bringing about lifestyle changes.

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